Polymer Library

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for use of the Polymer Library and related services.


  1. Access to the Polymer Library is restricted to authorised users with a valid account.
  2. Authorised users for Pay-As-You-Go accounts: Access is to be controlled by the account holder through sharing of the username, password and account number. This can be modified at any time by contacting Polymer Library staff who will endeavour to help promptly.
  3. Authorised users for Site Licenses: Access will be IP validated and is granted to all authorised users who are members of your staff or with permission of your primary contact/proxy, and this is defined as the following:
    1. Persons Affiliated with the organisation who subscribe. Each employee, including faculty, (whether on a permanent, temporary, contract or visiting basis) and individuals who are currently studying at the premises, who are permitted to access the Secure Network from within the Premises or from such other places where Authorized Users work or study (including Authorised Users' offices and homes, halls of residence and student dormitories) and who have been issued with a password or other Authentication
    2. individual members of the public permitted to use the library or information services; in each case who are permitted general access to the Network by the subscriber.
  4. Account holders sign up to accounts for a specified period and accounts shall remain valid for that period, unless their credit is depleted prior to the end date. Refunds are not offered for partial subscription periods. Variations to the standard account structure may be made, but must be negotiated at the subscription point.
  5. The content on the Polymer Library may be subject to copyright, either belonging to Smithers Information Ltd or to a publisher who has given permission to Smithers Information Ltd to reproduce their content. Reproduction of the content is forbidden, unless:
    1. permitted by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended), including (but not limited to) 'fair dealing' usage for non-commercial study, research and teaching; or
    2. the user has express written permission from the copyright holder.
    Any permitted reproduction of content should have the source included and access must be restricted to authorised users as defined in clause 3. Any unpermitted attempt to copy and store information from the Polymer Library will be considered a breach of these conditions and may therefore be subject to applicable copyright law.
  6. Free trial access is provided for the purposes of assessing the usefulness of both the content of the Polymer Library and the search interface. As clearly outlined on the free trial sign up page, full-text items cannot be charged against free trial credit, but must be paid for using a credit card.
  7. Smithers Information provides access to this content to subscribers as a useful collection of data, but makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability, or validity of any information from third parties and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information.
  8. Open Access: Whilst Smithers Information makes considerable effort to source Open Access content and mark it accurately as such, it accepts no liability for any errors in the marking of records. Furthermore, due to the varying types of Open Access content, end users must always ensure that they have permission to use content in the specific manner intended, even if it is openly accessible on the internet and marked as Open Access by Polymer Library.
  9. Smithers Information Ltd reserves the right to revise abstracts, pdf and document delivery prices at their discretion. Current pricing will be available on this website.
  10. Smithers Information Ltd reserves the right to withdraw access at any point.
  11. Smithers Information Ltd will endeavour to ensure that access to polymerlibrary.com remains in place at all times, aside from any small maintenance windows, but accepts no liability for issues arising from any periods of downtime.

Document Delivery

This applies to all sales of full text items from Smithers Information Ltd.

  1. The following are NOT permitted, unless you have the permission of the copyright owner or of the CLA and save as may be permitted by statute:
    1. Printing more than a single paper copy, which itself may not be further copied;
    2. Retransmitting the article to anyone else, other than to enable a single paper copy to be printed out by or for the individual who originally requested the item;
    3. Electronically storing any copy of the article.
  2. The licensed copy must either be immediately printed out or be forwarded to the individual requesting the item (for their immediate printing). Subsequent resale, hiring out or other disposal for valuable consideration of the licensed copy is prohibited.
  3. By ordering from Smithers Information Ltd. the customer acknowledges that he will not infringe any copyright subsisting in the supplied Article.
  4. Customer data, including personal data, may be disclosed to the Publisher of the Article if this is deemed necessary for the purpose of investigating or preventing the violation of Law or an agreement by the customer.
  5. The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd., pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third parties) Act 1999 and also the Publisher of the Article, has the right to take legal action to enforce the restrictions set out above.

Polymer Bulletins

  1. A subscription to a Polymer Bulletin is for one year and consists of 51 updates over that year, regardless of when the subscription begins; no update will be sent in calendar week 52.
  2. Pro-rated subscriptions will be considered in exceptional circumstances (usually only to bring multiple subscriptions in line with one another) and this must be discussed at the point of subscription; it cannot be applied retrospectively.
  3. Smithers Information Ltd will endeavour to send updates at a reasonably consistent time each week, but this may be subject to delays without warning.
  4. Smithers Information makes reasonable efforts to include all relevant records based upon the subject matter of the bulletin, but accepts no liability for errors or omissions in this information.
  5. Polymer Bulletin e-mails, their contents or attachments must not be forwarded, copied or reproduced without prior permission from Smithers Information Ltd.
  6. If at the end of the year your output has exceeded 1,600 records, Smithers Information Ltd reserves the right to invoice you 65p for each surplus record, although this can be negotiated as the year progresses.