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Subscribing to the Polymer Library

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Subscription Information

An annual deposit account enables you to view abstracts in the Polymer Library. As you view abstracts the credit in your account will deplete. You may also use your account to pay for full-text documents.

Account options

There are six different account subscriptions to choose between, starting from as little as £99. The amount you deposit determines the amount that will be deducted from your account for viewing abstracts. If your Annual Deposit Account depletes within 12 months, we will contact you to discuss a renewal. Otherwise we will contact you shortly before it expires. Any money left in an Annual Deposit Account after the expiry date becomes void.

Account Price* Charge/ abstract Charge/full-text document
Option 6 £99 / €120 / $150 £2.00 £7.50 + Copyright
Option 5 £200 / €240 / $300 £1.00 £7.50 + Copyright
Option 4 £475 / €570 /$715 £1.00 £7.50 + Copyright
Option 3 £1,050 /€1,260 / $1,575 £1.00 £7.50 + Copyright
Option 2 £3,700 / €4,440 / $5,550 £0.70 £7.50 + Copyright
Option 1 Please contact to discuss This is a site license using IP validation. There is unlimited abstract viewing by an unlimited number of staff at one site. Document delivery cannot be charged against the account.

*Prices do not include VAT. Please note that prices charged in Euros or US Dollars may vary from those quoted subject to fluctuations in the relevant exchange rates.

Educational establishments may be entitled to a substantial discount for site licences, to find out more please get in touch.

Cost of Searching

You can search the database as often as you like and view the list of titles resulting from your search. Money will only be taken from your account when the system registers that you have viewed an abstract and the associated bibliographic information. You will be charged for the abstract at the rate outlined above for your account option. You can view an individual abstract as many times as you like within a week, but will only be charged once for doing so.

Ordering Documents

Your Annual Deposit Account can also be used to order documents from our rapid document delivery service at a discounted rate. You will save over 30% on the handling fee (£7.50 instead of £11 per item). You will also have to pay a copyright royalty for each item, which will be forwarded to the Copyright Licensing Agency who will in turn forward it to the copyright owners. The price of the document will be displayed online by clicking the 'Order Information' button at the top of the individual abstract page. A growing number of items can be downloaded instantly to your computer and all other orders are usually processed within 24 hours, and can be delivered by e-mail, fax or post.


Each subscriber will be issued with a User ID, password and an account number. The user name and password facilitate viewing abstracts, the account number and password facilitate document and pdf delivery. The subscriber has full control over the distribution of these codes, and can ask for multiple User ID and passwords on behalf of colleagues if they prefer. Passwords can be changed at the request of the subscriber. Any password holder can view the online statement of the account, displaying credit balance, abstracts viewed, and documents ordered, at any time.

Site Licences

Should you feel that your company will be making heavy use of this service then consider a site licence, which provides unlimited viewing of abstracts by an unlimited number of people at one site, via IP access.Educational establishments are likely to be entitled to a large discount. Please get in touch to discuss the site licence option.

Please review our terms and conditions.