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The Polymer Library is a key resource for anyone working in the plastics, rubbers, adhesives and polymeric composite industries. Being the largest online database of journal articles, conference papers, reports, books, datasheets and trade literature in this field, dating back to 1972, you should find the information you need within minutes.

Why not register for a free trial today and find out what this service could do for you and your company?

  • You will have £99 credit which will be valid for up to 30 days or until the credit is used up.
  • During this period you will be able to search the database as many times as you like and view titles for free. Each time you view an abstract, £2 will be deducted from your free credit, to simulate how a real account will work.
  • Virtually all items summarised in the database are available from our quick and efficient Document Delivery Service. Please note that payment for these items cannot be taken from your free £99 credit account.
  • This offer excludes existing subscribers and previous evaluators. If colleagues in your company have already participated in the offer we may decline your request, but please do get in touch to discuss this.
  • Regrettably generic web-based e-mail addresses (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, etc.) are not accepted.

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After your trial, we hope that you are interested in subscribing to the Polymer Library. There are a range of account options to choose from: the more you are willing to deposit the more cost effective it becomes to view abstracts. You can share your account with one or more colleagues and view each other's usage via the online statement.

Should you feel that your company will be making heavy use of this service then consider a site licence, which provides unlimited viewing of abstracts by an unlimited number of people at one site.

Substantial discounts are offered to educational establishments. Please view our subscription information page or get in touch for further information.