Polymer Library

News - Polymer Library Doubles Update Frequency

January 2014 - Smithers Rapra is pleased to announce that the Polymer Library will now be updated on a weekly basis, giving subscribers access to the latest information more quickly. The Polymer Bulletin service from the Polymer Library has also increased its frequency to weekly, to ensure its subscribers have timely access to their content.

The Polymer Library team of dedicated information professionals inspect more than 1000 journals and conferences, gathering details of the latest developments on the science, technology and business of polymers. The team collates this information into an update and adds it to the Polymer Library, now once every week. The shift from 26 updates to 51 updates per year represents a near doubling of the frequency of updates, offering the latest information more often and in more manageable portions.

The latest information builds on over 40 years of content; the Polymer Library has well over a million records to search through, offering the most comprehensive abstracts database dedicated to plastics, rubber, polymeric composites and adhesives. The database is also supported by a fast, efficient document delivery service, so the full text of virtually any item listed on the Polymer Library can be ordered direct from the team and delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

The Polymer Library is available direct on www.polymerlibrary.com, along with various hosts including STN, ProQuest CSA and EBSCOhost. For more information on this abstracts database get in touch with Katharine Smith at kbsmith@smithers.com.