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News - Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers are the focus of a brand new Polymer Bulletin

The Polymer Library team is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new topic to add to their collection of Polymer Bulletins.

Carbon fibres have been playing a critical role in material development for many years now. They have proven an excellent way of reducing weight and increasing strength in the composites they form and this is a desirable pairing in a wide range of applications; the automotive, aerospace and sports goods industries are just some of the key areas utilising carbon fibre composites. Carbon fibres are being combined with many different polymers, typically epoxy resins, but also a whole range from PAEKs/PEEK, polyetherimide and polyamide through to polypropylene, resulting in composites with excellent properties. The huge potential and interest in this area naturally brings about a surge in the levels of research. There are also a number of issues, for example the end of life consideration complex composite materials can heavily complicate the recycling process and pose further problems.

Stay up-to-date with all of the latest information on polymer-carbon fibre composites with this bulletin.

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