Polymer Library

Satisfied Customers - Document Delivery

The Polymer Library at Smithers Rapra has been supplying documents to a large number of customers for many years. Here's what just a few of them have to say:

Noelle Bradshaw, Huhtamaki, UK
"I have used the document delivery service for several years now and it has been an invaluable source of industry specific information that saves me many hours of trawling through the wider internet. Also, if published papers do come up that I am interested in, I can go to one location with one account for them, rather than having to deal with several different sources. When queries have arisen, such as the language of the document or availability, the staff have always been very helpful."

Catherine Lapier, Lanxess, Canada
"I can't tell you how many times Sheila and her staff have been there right when I needed documents or knowledge concerning a document's existence or availability. I can always count on orders coming back rapidly and accurately. I so appreciate the ease in contacting Rapra with my orders."

Valerie Lecharlier, Solvay, Belgium
"Rapra Document Delivery Service is the fastest and the most efficient document delivery service I've been using up to now - and I'm an intensive user of such services. The team is extremely friendly, professional, and answer any of your questions within the shortest period of time."

Isabelle Dourilin, INIST, France
"In the digital world customers want instant access to the information they pay for. Using Rapra Polymer Library with its 2 hours turnaround time is one way to fit our customers needs."

Chris Laursen, University of Akron, USA
"Rapra offers exemplary document delivery service. My requests are fulfilled in less than 24 hours and articles are delivered to my inbox in PDF format. The staff responds to my queries in no-time flat!"

Sam Loh, Lanxess International, Switzerland
"Prompt delivery of documents and most importantly flexible and easy way of getting information."