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A Polymer Bulletin from the Polymer Library may be just what you need to update your knowledge with ease and accuracy without having to waste time, effort and money finding the information yourself.

We will e-mail the references of any new articles that fall within your field of interest each time we update the Polymer Library with new records.

You will receive the full abstract, all bibliographic information such as the publication name and citation, and details regarding the authors and companies/institutions.

You would also benefit from the search being carried out on the sophisticated Polymer Library retrieval system with the strategy prepared by Information professionals, so you won't miss out on any of the information you need.

  • Price: £260 / €315 / $405 per year for an individual subscription*
  • Price: £760 / €920 / $1185 per year for a multi-recipient subscription**
  • Updates sent every week (51 per year)

Click on a title from the list of hot topics below to find out more and for ordering information:

Customised Bulletins

If your interest is not covered by the titles shown, we can work with you to customise a current awareness service to your specific needs. This service would cost £500 (+VAT) per year. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

If at the end of the year your output has exceeded 1,600 records, we would invoice you 65p for each surplus record, although this can be negotiated as the year progresses.

*Prices quoted in currencies other than GBP are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates
**Prices quoted in currencies other than GBP are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and all prices may be adjusted according to the number of recipients